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Time Split


A scientist is working on teleportation when he accidentally produces a time machine through the introduction of live matter.

Initially, he vows to never use the machine to go back in time, but finally relents when he decides he could use the machine to help his mother.

He goes back to Germany, just before World War II, to carry out a 'harmless' tinker, but when he returns to his own time zone he finds a world ravaged by global nuclear war.



Time Split - Briggs

Sarah's battle to escape the post-apocalyptic nuclear world results in a fight for her life and the need to seek help from an old friend.

The long awaited sequel to Time Split.

Distant Suns

A beautifully descriptive story about love, self-sacrifice and the desperate battle to avoid extinction on a dying world.
A massive cloud of hydrogen is traveling through space on a collision course with Earth.

At a high-ranking meeting two astronomers, Edward and Joseph, are sworn to secrecy when they reveal that in six months’ time, as the gas envelops the planet, it will turn the atmosphere into a fireball...


Distant Suns - The Journey Home

The crew of the star ship Terra - the last hope to avoid extinction for the human race - are nearly two years from the dying planet Earth, when their four thousand year long journey, to reach the first possible habitable world, is unexpectedly halted.


Distant Suns - The Journey Home is the second in the Distant Suns series.

Distant Suns - The Silexous

As the survivors of the catastrophe that turned Earth into a barren rock are settling on their new planet, an enemy from a past encounter finds them and a new fight for survival begins.


Distant Suns - The Silexous is the third in the Distant Suns series.

Distant Suns - Mettle.jpg
Distant Suns - Mettle

Following the extinction of life on Earth, less than six thousand human survivors are attempting to build a civilisation on their new home world of Kavorec.

A shortage of metals prompts a decision to send a small group to the barren planet, Earth, to collect transporters and stronger building materials. As the expedition gets underway, elsewhere in the galaxy, a dangerous adversary is making plans of his own.

Distant Suns - Mettle is the fourth in the Distant Suns series.

Islands - The Epidemic

Six months into an experiment to prove self-sufficiency is possible at the bottom of the sea, a war breaks out and soon after the five hundred specialists lose contact with the surface.


Palov Kilchinski stared the length of the room, his eyes fixed on the top of the stairs.

Seconds earlier the whole world had seemed to momentarily jump and, as his senses tingled painfully on high-alert, an explosion followed by a rolling roar impacted the twin doors leading into the basement.


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